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Yirgacheffee Coffee - Grade 1

Rating: N/A

Tom Roasters

We provide a washed Yirgacheffee coffee bean. Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee is …

MOQ - 100.00 lb

$3.33 per lb

Limu Coffee

Rating: N/A

Tom Roasters

Limu coffee (washed) grows to the South-West of Ethiopia between 3600-6200 ft. …

MOQ - 50.00 lb

$2.80 per lb

Sidamo Coffee - Grade 1

Rating: N/A

Limmu Beans, Inc.

The region of Sidama is in southern Ethiopia. It encompasses many individual or…

MOQ - 10.00 lb

$2.90 per lb

Nekemte Coffee Grade 1

Rating: N/A

Gugi Zone

Natural and Washed Altitude: 1700-2200 m Cup: Good acidity, medium body with a …

MOQ - 300.00 lb

$2.95 per lb

Sidamo Grade 2 - Washed

Rating: N/A

Adulis, Inc.

Sidamo is in the southern part of the country, south of the capital, Addis Abab…

MOQ - 100.00 lb

$2.50 per lb