Yirgacheffee Coffee - Grade 1

Coffee Type: Arabica

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia

Coffee Form: Green Bean Coffee

Warehouse Location: California

Processing: WP

Coffee Grade: None


Sample Price


Price per lb


Min order qty

100 lbs

Available qty

10000 lbs

Tom Roasters

Tom Rosters is a coffee roaster and green bean supplier in Orange County, California.


We provide a washed Yirgacheffee coffee bean. Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. its light bodied flavor and delicious aromas make it a perfect beverage choice.

It is washed or sun dried?
What is the altitude
1770-2200m (5790-7210ft)
How is the cup taste?
Bright acidity, medium body marked jasmine and lemon flavors
When is the harvest season?
October to January
When does it ships?
November to June