Frequently Asked Questions


A coffee hub where people and companies come to buy coffee bean.

  • The first step is to create a free seller profile on Adulis platform and create products
  • USA sellers can publish their product on the platform without shipping to our warehouse locations.
  • International sellers need to ship their inventory to one of our warehouses. Please contact for details

Currently, We carry Ethiopian origins coffee and we are working o carry Brazil, and Colombia.

You can check the status under "Orders" Menu on your account. Also we send out email and text messages for every updates.

Yes, you have the right to cancel the order until it is shipped out. If it is shipped out, you might see a chager for shipping returns.

Yes. all you have to do is make multiple orders.

Currently we ship to coffee businesses in Southern California only.

Usually, 1-2 business days unless there is a problem with delivery instructions.

Yes we can deliver as well as customers can pick up their own coffee beans.

Yes. We accept major debit and credit cards.

Yes, you can pay using Cheque.

Yes, you can pay cash upon delivery.